Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Penang holiday trip!

Just back from my penang holiday trip, well...almost 2 weeks d..haha..just lazy to blog cos uploaded all my travel pic on my facebook account .

in short, the holiday was fun and we manage to eat lot of the local food. My 1st time went to penang , so much different compare to sabah. we have less tall building and they have more we have less biker and they have plenty, we drive on the road and they drove on the white line -.-..haha...scary man..

but 1 thing are very good..No illegal imigrant aka pilaks! !

If i only can show 3 picture to describe penang town..this 2 will be it.

3rd picture no need to post d..of course food picture!!! and too many food...i cant choose which to post...hahah