Monday, October 19, 2009

Road Trip - Part 3- Kota Merudu

As Promised..part 3..last part for the mengatal, kota belud, kota merudu. road trip

After we finish shopping at the pasar tamu kota belud. we checked our time. just 11.30 am..
original plan was reach kota belud and go home..but then, too we decided to head up to kota merudu or where ever it take us...haha...we decided to turn back at 12.30 no matter where we were at that time.

and...1 hour trip..can get us to..kota merudu..we reach there 12.30pm no joke...just nice..haha..

more padi field

the road to kota merudu...sweet...but many patches..not as nice as kota belud road


finally!!!...jambatan to kota merudu!!! i never been 1st time


nice quiet town

stop by milimewa to buy some drink and to cold down the car abit..

cooling down in progress..not hot..but just to prevent..cos on the way to kota merudu got some hill. and the bumpy road..check anything got loosed or not..haha

posing man..

on the way back..

and after 2 hours from kota merudu...we reach kk.
the car....

After some clean

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