Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Road Trip part 2 - Beaufort

Another road trip from my raya long holiday. This time we went to beaufort because my friend ,anson said that there have very nice tau sa piang.haha

It took us around 1.30 hours to reach there. road was nice and flat.about 90+ Km from kk town.
there are only few shop at this small town, due to raya celebration, alsmot 50% of the restorant are closed. lucky there are few more open and the most important was , the bakery open.

The tadika.

I think this is the dewan or maybe old part of the tadika.

Gmart! the biggest shop in the town. sound like"jimat"!!! haha

so rare to find this kind of shop now in kk.

Even this are made out of wood.nice!

More view of the town.

After we ate at the mamak stall. some nasi briyani. we proceed to find the tau sa piang .

The bridge to the other side of town.

the shop here are abit new compare to the place before the bridge.

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...found it, by luck. As we was rounding that place.I was cursing why those car double park at the small alley.Then rach spotted this bakery....and common sense kick in. must be the one we looking for..haha

shop at lorong kecik

if u ever go to beaufort..make sure to buy tau sa piang and curry puff from this shop.tau sa piang on rm0.90 BIG to compare to kk punya tau sa piang -.-

shake shake...1 hand hold plate, other hand snap

see rm0.90 !

The aunty saw us sapu her tau sa piang. so she asked us " wan curry puff or not?"
we said ok and turn out sedap!

see...even the plastic go along with my car interior colour! haha

on the way back...strait road..and smooth!

last...fuu...the "tangga ke heaven" can be found in beaufort.


  1. the tangga ke heaven looks eerie hahaha...

  2. I spent my early childhood days in Beaufort..Indeed, Beaufort Bakery still has the best tau sa piang! =p

    haiz...cant wait next month....balik Beaufortttttt~

  3. wah bro. didn't know that beaufort has the best tau sa and curry puffs. must try everytime i go kk later. huhu. thanks for the tip.

  4. itu tangga, mana tinggi wooo. tidak boleh sampai heaven wooo.. hahhahaha

  5. most of the photos are taken from inside the car. who's the photographer? you or rach?? hehhehehe

  6. lol must try ...memang sedap dah besar..

    from inside car is my outside baru me.^^