Friday, August 28, 2009

handpHone cover.

I asked rach to make a hand phone cover for me since she into sewing stuff..kekeke
her blog here visit her to see more sewing stuff

i i take this chance to do a product shot...but my white box become my "bakul simpan barang" i just take some white background to shot this.

actually, this is harder then i thought it would be, the cloth some how respond diff with the light..
tried so hard to eliminate the shadow but not enought light source..and as u can see the black is the vividest it can be...cant make it more black even tho in real life it more darker in colour..and the red almost toooo hard!!!!!

This is how it look when no Hp inside

When fully close from behind

see, just slip in can d

windsurf pic!!!...even got lubang for my rope thingy