Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Long time no update..

Long time since my last update, been busy with some minor stuff on work and life...

let me update with sunset and lets us compare Mabul's and tanjung aru sunset..haha

This two shot is from mabul, please ignore the dusk, it clean oledi..haha

and this two is from tanjung aru...

so which place u prefer to holiday at..for me...i still love tanjung aru..mabul somehow are boring and pack with ppl and house and also becos......................

see...u cant do this at mabul or at any other beach except tg aru..hahaha..romantic sunset walk with ur bebe..holding hand...even the sun happy for u.. ..ok..i just making story...


  1. wah bro. you went to mabul ka? tanjung aru got nice sunsets, but mabul, the water so clean and clear! i love those. great shot on the boat and the water. adui, bila la mau pi mabul nie.

  2. thank mas mas! :)

    tubik ..actually went there few months ago...but dint update only..haha don't have CPL i cant take the clear water reflection..
    i saw some old photog took mabul's water..very

  3. ahh..finally the mabul photos are out.