Tuesday, June 16, 2009

VIP STYLE SOCIETY Photoshoot - Final

Here is all the photos for the VSSM photoshoot..More at my Facebook account.

learn alot from the photoshoot..and i thanks all the ppl who come support and make it a success photoshoot.

the model are Cute Chiaki and Pretty joana ...It kinda presure me..cos when we gathering at likas then this 2 model came. i was thinking to my self " damn.. hot girls..if i cant take nice pic of them i'm screwed.!!!!" haha.. pretty akward at first, but thing getting more fun as more time spend on the photoshoot.toward the end..it was much more easier to shoot.

#1. This is the place we shoot

#2 this is The models. left chiaki, right Joana








Honestly..my fav will be pic no 5..Hope there will be more chances to work with them again. but before that i have to make sure that i can give them more then this photoshoot..hahaha..

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  1. LOL thanks for the awsum pics Vamvam~