Monday, June 8, 2009

VIP STYLE SOCIETY Photoshoot batch 1

As many of u guys know...I organized a photoshoot for my Vipstyle society member. Our second session actually. this time manage to find 2 lovely model to pose for us. millions thanks to them.

we started early. and gather at likas. reach the place and start shooting. Was using my 2 flash to do some strobish shot. but sometime my flash just wont fire..will do more research on this area tho.
the scene was chaotic for a moment..haha..many photog running here and there..and ppl are all around. haha..but we manage to take few good shoot. And the most important is we all having fun fun fun~

Just click on the picture or goto flickr to see the bigger view

my detail are lost..not enough flash i suppose..that y i edited become like artistic cover the flaw..haha


  1. halo geng lama tidak jumpa. envy u lah got nice things to shoot. hahaha. btw, in my opinion, even though some details were lost, but i love the mood and the location. really suits the overall vip theme. if both models wear black, everything would be great. :D

  2. ya lama tidak jumpa geng..haha

    yeap..i also think if both model wear black will be more great..but then volunteer model and my 1st time..haha..really dunno wat to do..lucky ada juga kawan give some opinion..