Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Part 2 photoshoot

Here is the part 2 pic that i promised. Taken same day. We dint have enough time to set thing up for the 2nd shot, as the security only give us little bit of time to park there..still, they allowed us to take photo. thanks pak security..haha..appreciated it man.

part 2, except the 1st pic.. all under shade...muchmuch more nicer eh..:)

#2. some edit, can see some flaw..hehe. But i love the background!

3, personaly, i love the 2 pic below. light and detail are least for me.

4, Look like product shoot or not? hehehe..

some random...u know u got pimped when..u can see some guy try to take the rim pic!!
haha..that would be my fren jack.( also photog)


  1. yo bro. woots! nice pics especially those three myvis. the first and second myvis looked like those from japan car mags. great low angle shot. hehe. btw, i was wondering, would adding a flash as a fill light at the right side of the myvis would bring out more detail? or will it kill the subject as it would make the cars less tone colour?

  2. i like ur idea bro...i think another flash light will be nicer...probally aim at the bumper...more detail will be sr215 said( in alphanatic) also said the same thing as u..haha

    i try to do it on the next photoshoot..see wat the outcome..^^

  3. haha. i was refering to sr215 too. ba, next time lah kita sama2 go shoot cars. bring our flash together i think we could do better.