Sunday, May 10, 2009

Car Photoshoot.

Did another proper car photoshoot again for VSSM car club.
we did Few places, morning at likas park and then we headout to yayasan sabah to shoot again.
This is our 1st ever official photoshoot.

the sky was bright and hot..wanted to do again on sunset but all of us have to go back to celebrate mother day. Balck car and bling bling rim are hard to take picture. they reflect everything, even the photog that stand in front..

and the car become blue-ish coz reflected by the light.but nothing some PP cannot fix.haha

Unedited - except pped the background, some unwanted car behind the scene,
Notice the car hood colour, is blue instead of black. And the car colour is faded, not so black anymore.

Edited - colour and level
Notice that now the car are more in black colour. And everything look more elegant ?
this is the true colour of the car

stay tune for part 2! and those interest to modeling for us are welcome.


  1. aiseymen. only one ka bro? hehehe. sorry i can't be around yesterday as i'm looking for cars too for my tunang. going to let go of hers and getting another one. btw, do inform if you're having another photoshoot session next time. hopefully after school holidays as i'm going back. btw, nice shot. sharp! btw what lens are u using?

  2. it's ok bro...haha...sempat juga shoot 2 location..
    other pic havent upload yet...tak banyak juga yang cantik..sun wan toooo damn hot..

    sal 18-70 only bro..hahaha..but manage to set high f value thank to the bright day.

  3. not bad from a kitty lens. ya, it's very hot that day. but thanks to it, can set high f value thus very sharp pic. can't wait for ur other pics. cepat2!

  4. yeaw.. bring me next time..

    i think i got idea for car

  5. alwyn : just wira with evo half cut head.

    tubik: other pic not so nice pengsan time ambik pic.

    edgar : ui...apa plan ko ada? haha

  6. klu ndak silap keta nie mcm prnah nmpak kat maktab 2aran tpi da bza skit la rim dya kranze ngan work.