Thursday, May 14, 2009

part 3 ...

ok..i left out some pic..haha..suppose to be 2 part only...but dunno how..some pic dont wanna show up...

Group shot...toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many bling bling!!!!!!!

Bro lam's city...look like mustang eh..

ok..this time i sure no more left out..haha...C&C are welcome..let me know where i left out.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Part 2 photoshoot

Here is the part 2 pic that i promised. Taken same day. We dint have enough time to set thing up for the 2nd shot, as the security only give us little bit of time to park there..still, they allowed us to take photo. thanks pak security..haha..appreciated it man.

part 2, except the 1st pic.. all under shade...muchmuch more nicer eh..:)

#2. some edit, can see some flaw..hehe. But i love the background!

3, personaly, i love the 2 pic below. light and detail are least for me.

4, Look like product shoot or not? hehehe..

some random...u know u got pimped when..u can see some guy try to take the rim pic!!
haha..that would be my fren jack.( also photog)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Car Photoshoot.

Did another proper car photoshoot again for VSSM car club.
we did Few places, morning at likas park and then we headout to yayasan sabah to shoot again.
This is our 1st ever official photoshoot.

the sky was bright and hot..wanted to do again on sunset but all of us have to go back to celebrate mother day. Balck car and bling bling rim are hard to take picture. they reflect everything, even the photog that stand in front..

and the car become blue-ish coz reflected by the light.but nothing some PP cannot fix.haha

Unedited - except pped the background, some unwanted car behind the scene,
Notice the car hood colour, is blue instead of black. And the car colour is faded, not so black anymore.

Edited - colour and level
Notice that now the car are more in black colour. And everything look more elegant ?
this is the true colour of the car

stay tune for part 2! and those interest to modeling for us are welcome.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

save the puppy, Doom to the Resident! <---go here for more info...and damn to the resident of pulau short : they round up 300 dogs to a deserted island. Then spca found out, they try to help this dog, as there are no food at the island and dog eat deAd dog to survive,
mean time, the resident hike up boat fair after all the sin that they have done...shame on them.
good news is.many ppl aware of this issue and many offer to help and rescue mission is currenly on going.

if this happen here at kk, i sure alot will go volunteer..but sadly, too far hope all can offer a prayer and maybe some spare change for them.