Sunday, April 5, 2009

Studio shot..

Since i get my old vivitar flash in working condition again...well not 100% working now it only can use as slave(use to have slave mode and normal mode) which is good enough as i can set the power output with this flash.

my setting is..1 flash at her upper left and bouch to wall and back to her, then another flash at 1/8 power 50 mm on her left firing at her hair, a fan on left side to make the hair fly~~

Below is the setup..


  1. lighting nice.

    1st photo pose is gewd but with 2nd photo feel is better XD

  2. Wuah jarang nya her hair like that. Hahahaha...

  3. since u have the wind stuff might as well take some more sexy shot :D
    btw nice lighting and shot.

  4. thank guys..hehe

    haha...windy mah..the fan is at number

    kk zone : i dun mind take more sexy shot if got ppl willing to pose for the camera..haha

  5. erm...if the fan blowing a bit nearer, i think it would create one nice shot geng. make ur gal to move, then you shoot all the candid moments. how about some colour gels for your background? :D

  6. if fan near rambut macam tornado..hahaha

    colour gel eh..good master templar's pic..but too bad i dun have any colour gel yet..kena diy lah ni..but nice idea dude!

  7. yeap. like sir templar's. i found out it gives a lot of mood to the whole pic. hehe, i dun have any gel too. hahaha.

  8. this model looks familiar... haha