Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bling bling..

Did a car photoshoot last sunday ...trying to make it look elegant..as the car theme is vip style.

for the shot.. placed a flash at 1/8 power zoom in to around 25-35(cant remember) place on a tripod and fire 45degree down to the car..another flash on the front side..aiming at the bumber
at -1power( set using the flash power on camera..so i dunno wat the power if converted to normal output)

and the outcome..


  1. eh bro. just wondering. you're using two external flashes or just the on board flash and an external one? whichever it is i really like this shot. maybe if can diffuse the front flash that's reflected on the bumper, it would look even better.

  2. the back 1 is the vivitar ...and another F36 attatched on my cam..so ngam juga lah...1 wireless 1 onboard.

    agree with u bro...tak perasan the bumper flash..shud had make it both wireless..maybe can reduce the harsh flash light..