Tuesday, April 28, 2009

bling bling..

Did a car photoshoot last sunday ...trying to make it look elegant..as the car theme is vip style.

for the shot.. placed a flash at 1/8 power zoom in to around 25-35(cant remember) place on a tripod and fire 45degree down to the car..another flash on the front side..aiming at the bumber
at -1power( set using the flash power on camera..so i dunno wat the power if converted to normal output)

and the outcome..

Monday, April 20, 2009

2 black Dude

long time dint update my blog..nothing interesting shot lately , was busy doing something else..and flu again!..

last sunday went to kyc to buang some time, while waiting for anson finish his law meeting, saw this black bird on the tree branch near me.

after it gone, another bird came, maybe wondering wat am i doing or maybe the bird want some attention from me ..haha..minta puji ni burung

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Studio shot..

Since i get my old vivitar flash in working condition again...well not 100% working lah...as now it only can use as slave(use to have slave mode and normal mode) which is good enough as i can set the power output with this flash.

my setting is..1 flash at her upper left and bouch to wall and back to her, then another flash at 1/8 power 50 mm on her left firing at her hair, a fan on left side to make the hair fly~~

Below is the setup..