Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some macro and bird

Lately raining almost everyday , and everyweekend also kinda have something to do..picture also less time to take. blog also dint update..haha..so this time going to update long longgg..

here some shot i like to share.1st is my fly macro shot.
take so many shot but still not so good. so hard to focus as i only using reverse ring.haha..and the on board flash not help much..but no worry.....new baby comming sonn

and then, last sunday took this michael jackson bird.haha..black and white. just before i went fishing wit my fren. so rare to see a black bangau..

and lasty...a king fisher!!!! too bad..it soooo farrrrrrrrrrrr away..even using my tele lens also no use..can take but lake alot of detail..haiz..time to save for that tele converter.

got more..haha..took this flaying egret..damn fat 1..kinda like this photo...better if i manage to capture the back feet also...but this thing fly fast lah..


  1. wah vam vam...*thumbs for the photos..love the last shot..eh the fly shot, ada shake ka ni? @_@

  2. use a 'panning skill' lah.sure awesome.