Monday, March 2, 2009

Lens Filter, Protect ur lens now!

Dint take much photo lately..due to the weather, work, and also this damn flu...-.-...

but i got my self 2 hoya filter !! yea....just some normal uv 1 free 1..!!! wohoo..
actually i buy 1 rach buy for me consider buy 1 free 1 also lah..haha
ok, the use for this filter is to protect ur lens from scratch. there no way to replace the lens except buy 1..or is there? but i guess the cost will be expensive.. after all this hoya just cost rm45 a piece.
rm 45 to protect ur few hundred lens is small small invesment only...
This the the packaging..2 hoya!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

This is how it look like when screw into the lens .
setup: soften light from right of the photo and flash to fill the back part

One abstract photos from me this week. taken at a grass area. with warm orange light from top.
snap and i turn around..this is the result..i like it..the colour blend in so nicely.. hahaha


  1. wahhh so nice, I oso want buy 1 free 1 XD

  2. haha..mas..u go find 1 bf then can buy 1 free 1..kekekeke