Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Dude got lucky!!!

shot tis pair of parrot busy making sure the future dont run out of bird..haha
lucky for them and lucky for me..1st time see this kind of bird mating..haha
happy with my shot, thank to the workshop i went to..i manage to set the correct exposure

Below is a ladybug , shot this only using reverse ring..havent got my macro gear yet.
but addtional this and my last macro shot is, i got a extra wireless flash , put on the right side on the bug and fire at HSS best macro so far..hehe


  1. look at the bug's has lashes.. cute. Is it crushing an ant???

  2. " busy making sure the future dont run out of bird" << hahhaha

    how you know? maybe he is just tackling. hahah

  3. lady bug mah..oledi name is lady.. haha..lady bug eat ant punya meh? i tot rumput..:S

    lol..tujuh, he doing many pose lagi..haha..then other bird go wisel sama them..haha

  4. really mating hehehe..
    quite a long time b4 it flew off.

  5. damn the parrot very lucky. hahah. just look at the parrot's face especially the eyes.

  6. Did Rach told u that i LOVE ladybug!? :p do take more shots n show it to me ya

    From Rach's cousin, Alicia

  7. yea..she did told me that u love ladybug..haha
    will take if i'm able to meet the bug again..haha