Friday, March 20, 2009

Alpha TT session

Join a mini TT with alpha guy ..was there lor..wtd..
learn alot of new stuff...and of course lot of new poisons...

some pic of the night..
the mangsa kejadian..rach became the Free model of the did i..was fun tho..haha
learn wireless flash..some light thingy, some strobist thingy...and kysham ( the sifu) was kind enough to show us this.

The session ...asking and explaning

The F58 flash..damn this flash is good...can strob, can cobra mode tilt..power at 58..
love of stuff....might get 1 NOT in the near future tho..haha.

and if i not mistaken, the only flash of this kind..for the turning effect, that y they nick name it cobra..haha

boy flash :hey girl...wanna love love?

girl flash :hey love is nice...but i wan u to meet my family.okay?
boy flash : sure...are ur family big?

girl: this my my family...say cheese!!!

haha...ok..enough with the not so funny dialog..but look at those gear...enough to buy my car..


  1. omg.. u own the whole family??

  2. why my face so like that one? hahaha. damn those lenses are nice.