Monday, March 30, 2009

Kundasang and Wireless flash

Did some wireless flash again, when to KYC and do some photoshot with rach.
set the flash to 85 mm as i wan the light to focus on her only...and this is the result after some trial and error.

Another story, when back to ranau for" ching ming" last sunday. wanna do ranau town shot, but the weather there are too hot to handle and my stomach ache..haha..after finish my business oledi no mood to take pic, but i did buy a RM4.50 selipar jipun!! wohoo..haha..on the way back, we stop by at kundasang town, rach wanna buy some vege back.the scenery was kinda messy, wit all the construction eq all along the side of the road , luckly i manage to get a nice spot and shot a landscape of kundasang. edited to make it look like those film camera effect.(i love the real film colour.)

Bigger picture can be view HERE

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 last..

At last!, I got my chance to take sunset picture. wohoo!

waited this for long long time..the dark Small Cloud look like sabah zoom version, see if i got time to put it up. :0!!.

btw...i'm thinking of making something like picture short story kinda thing. like we go some place, shoot and take the 3-5 pic and make a short story. like this can learn more about lighting and etc etc...haha...who interest, do let me know ya..thank you :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Dude got lucky!!!

shot tis pair of parrot busy making sure the future dont run out of bird..haha
lucky for them and lucky for me..1st time see this kind of bird mating..haha
happy with my shot, thank to the workshop i went to..i manage to set the correct exposure

Below is a ladybug , shot this only using reverse ring..havent got my macro gear yet.
but addtional this and my last macro shot is, i got a extra wireless flash , put on the right side on the bug and fire at HSS best macro so far..hehe

Friday, March 20, 2009

Alpha TT session

Join a mini TT with alpha guy ..was there lor..wtd..
learn alot of new stuff...and of course lot of new poisons...

some pic of the night..
the mangsa kejadian..rach became the Free model of the did i..was fun tho..haha
learn wireless flash..some light thingy, some strobist thingy...and kysham ( the sifu) was kind enough to show us this.

The session ...asking and explaning

The F58 flash..damn this flash is good...can strob, can cobra mode tilt..power at 58..
love of stuff....might get 1 NOT in the near future tho..haha.

and if i not mistaken, the only flash of this kind..for the turning effect, that y they nick name it cobra..haha

boy flash :hey girl...wanna love love?

girl flash :hey love is nice...but i wan u to meet my family.okay?
boy flash : sure...are ur family big?

girl: this my my family...say cheese!!!

haha...ok..enough with the not so funny dialog..but look at those gear...enough to buy my car..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some macro and bird

Lately raining almost everyday , and everyweekend also kinda have something to do..picture also less time to take. blog also dint this time going to update long longgg..

here some shot i like to share.1st is my fly macro shot.
take so many shot but still not so good. so hard to focus as i only using reverse ring.haha..and the on board flash not help much..but no baby comming sonn

and then, last sunday took this michael jackson and white. just before i went fishing wit my fren. so rare to see a black bangau..

and lasty...a king fisher!!!! too soooo farrrrrrrrrrrr away..even using my tele lens also no use..can take but lake alot of detail..haiz..time to save for that tele converter.

got more..haha..took this flaying egret..damn fat 1..kinda like this photo...better if i manage to capture the back feet also...but this thing fly fast lah..

Monday, March 9, 2009

New addition..

New addition to my camera family! got my self a battery grip last week, just too busy and lazy to blog about it..haha.. my camera can hold 2 battery at a time and i can do vertical position with ease... really look macho with complete pant...haha..tho it abit heavy but i kinda like the heavy feel...for now at least...haha

pic show the new look with battery grip.


another thing...been rianing since friday..haiz...was planning to take some sunset from the 3 days holiday..end up rain every evening..-.-...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lens Filter, Protect ur lens now!

Dint take much photo lately..due to the weather, work, and also this damn flu...-.-...

but i got my self 2 hoya filter !! yea....just some normal uv 1 free 1..!!! wohoo..
actually i buy 1 rach buy for me consider buy 1 free 1 also lah..haha
ok, the use for this filter is to protect ur lens from scratch. there no way to replace the lens except buy 1..or is there? but i guess the cost will be expensive.. after all this hoya just cost rm45 a piece.
rm 45 to protect ur few hundred lens is small small invesment only...
This the the packaging..2 hoya!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

This is how it look like when screw into the lens .
setup: soften light from right of the photo and flash to fill the back part

One abstract photos from me this week. taken at a grass area. with warm orange light from top.
snap and i turn around..this is the result..i like it..the colour blend in so nicely.. hahaha