Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some happy news...

Update with my new purchase. this time, i bought a LCD screen protector.
now i using the sticker type of screen protector, not good enough. so i get my self 1 of this..
Cost rm 50..not much to protect a screen worth around rm 350-500...people told me that this thing is hard to get for sony.
i read at some 1 blog(sorry, i cant remember the blog address)
he said" this thing is as rare as panda" hahaha...i did as few forummer and they give me the same i just try my luck and go wisma merdeka sony center to find out. and guess wat.
LAST 1 UNIT..and the unit is just the one i need...woohoooo... finaly some luck after the flash broken :(.

here is how it look like when attatched to the DSLR. i look abit pro..even tho not the look also ok lah..hahaha


  1. wahhh, ohhh these. hahahaha but rare as panda is funny XD

  2. lol...yes mas mas..must get 1....cos the sticker type i using masih kena 1 deep line on the lcd..sakit hati..that y spend more buy this.kekeke