Monday, February 23, 2009

sad news...

sad new for flash just dieded...

ok..i bought the flash for half it price at rm 200... new 1 is around 480. so the price is consider okok also lah. got to use it only for 1 week. then it died on me.

flash not suppose to died so easily..i have no idea wat happen..maybe just some lemon hand i got.

cannot blame the seller also..when i got it it 100% working. did some wireless and all ok... just after i use it die on hand got special power maybe..shorted the circuit inside..haha..some say send for repair..but i guess the repair bill will be more then the flash it self. so wat to do..only can sigh lo... budget for another flash again...sad sad...that all lah.. no mood to take pic.. sad sad flash..