Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reverse ring..

I just purchased a reverse ring for my lens. What is a reverse ring? reverse ring is a ring that can let u reverse ur lens. so u can explore macro / close up with the limited budget.

Just got the ring last sathurday. only have 2 day to test it. with this ring, everything will be manual setting. and kinda hard to use as everything suddenly become so tight and near.haha
but i'm sure with some practise , i might get few lucky shot with this thing.

So far the main problem is to give my subject some light as the lens blocked all the light and the onboard flash will never reach the subject due to the distant between the lens and the subject is way to close for the on board flash to flash it. so..i ordered a flash!!!!! yea..a flash finally!...shud be arrive around this week..meanwhile some early testing of the new technique and the ring.

all shot with iso1600 at 1/40 speed, manual mode , on board flash, and bright sunny afternoon

My work shirt..

Butterfly..not so sharp..but it show the potential of this technique

my best shot so far..:)


  1. the grasshopper is playing peek-a-boo...

  2. baby steps vam vam.. XD kekekekek ganbatte!

  3. gambate mas mas...still have to learn form u lah macro sifu ..:)