Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My flash arrived!

Oh yea. finally have flash!! wohoo...so happy..new toy new toy!! ok.i ordered a vivitar flash ,
a 3rd part flash for sony. sony flash cost too much..waiting the price to go down then i grab 1..hahaha

this flash can have slave mode,manual mode,and ttl mode,
can up down 45-90 degree, build in dissfuser and bounce card
left right 270 degree..support slave funtion..not wireless, just slave. good enough for beginner like me.
might get another 1..so i can strobist abit..just love those lighting effect!!damn...now i alittle addicted to wireless...looking into wireless radio...but..not so soon tho..hahaha..i still funding for my tele converter..

here are some example of the flash..just got it for 1 day....havent fully test it function and the usesage..but some sample pic nontheless..

the picture of the flash( the Wb is way wrong...guess i'm too exited with the new toy..haha)

tested on ELMO with slave mode!

yeah...now i can play peek a boo with the new flash..hehehe. seem like i need another flash on my camera and another for slave eh...


  1. mana ada...sikit sikit saja bah..must ready for photoshoot mah..haha

  2. wahhh rachie looks like she got aura at her back XD