Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some happy news...

Update with my new purchase. this time, i bought a LCD screen protector.
now i using the sticker type of screen protector, not good enough. so i get my self 1 of this..
Cost rm 50..not much to protect a screen worth around rm 350-500...people told me that this thing is hard to get for sony.
i read at some 1 blog(sorry, i cant remember the blog address)
he said" this thing is as rare as panda" hahaha...i did as few forummer and they give me the same i just try my luck and go wisma merdeka sony center to find out. and guess wat.
LAST 1 UNIT..and the unit is just the one i need...woohoooo... finaly some luck after the flash broken :(.

here is how it look like when attatched to the DSLR. i look abit pro..even tho not the look also ok lah..hahaha

Monday, February 23, 2009

sad news...

sad new for flash just dieded...

ok..i bought the flash for half it price at rm 200... new 1 is around 480. so the price is consider okok also lah. got to use it only for 1 week. then it died on me.

flash not suppose to died so easily..i have no idea wat happen..maybe just some lemon hand i got.

cannot blame the seller also..when i got it it 100% working. did some wireless and all ok... just after i use it die on hand got special power maybe..shorted the circuit inside..haha..some say send for repair..but i guess the repair bill will be more then the flash it self. so wat to do..only can sigh lo... budget for another flash again...sad sad...that all lah.. no mood to take pic.. sad sad flash..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My flash arrived!

Oh yea. finally have flash!! toy new toy!! ok.i ordered a vivitar flash ,
a 3rd part flash for sony. sony flash cost too much..waiting the price to go down then i grab 1..hahaha

this flash can have slave mode,manual mode,and ttl mode,
can up down 45-90 degree, build in dissfuser and bounce card
left right 270 slave funtion..not wireless, just slave. good enough for beginner like me.
might get another i can strobist abit..just love those lighting effect!! i alittle addicted to wireless...looking into wireless radio...but..not so soon tho..hahaha..i still funding for my tele converter..

here are some example of the flash..just got it for 1 day....havent fully test it function and the usesage..but some sample pic nontheless..

the picture of the flash( the Wb is way wrong...guess i'm too exited with the new toy..haha)

tested on ELMO with slave mode! i can play peek a boo with the new flash..hehehe. seem like i need another flash on my camera and another for slave eh...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reverse ring..

I just purchased a reverse ring for my lens. What is a reverse ring? reverse ring is a ring that can let u reverse ur lens. so u can explore macro / close up with the limited budget.

Just got the ring last sathurday. only have 2 day to test it. with this ring, everything will be manual setting. and kinda hard to use as everything suddenly become so tight and near.haha
but i'm sure with some practise , i might get few lucky shot with this thing.

So far the main problem is to give my subject some light as the lens blocked all the light and the onboard flash will never reach the subject due to the distant between the lens and the subject is way to close for the on board flash to flash it. so..i ordered a flash!!!!! yea..a flash finally!...shud be arrive around this week..meanwhile some early testing of the new technique and the ring.

all shot with iso1600 at 1/40 speed, manual mode , on board flash, and bright sunny afternoon

My work shirt..

Butterfly..not so sharp..but it show the potential of this technique

my best shot so far..:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My new fav shots...

Been taking bird photos this few days...kinda nice and challenging ..u dunno when they gonna pose for u and when the light is just right to snap their pic.using 75-300mm to shot.time is around 2-3pm. nice sunny day

I also ordered a reverse ring for my lens....stay tune for "poor man" macro shot next time. hahaha

Monday, February 2, 2009

Butterfly farm!

I visited the butterfly farm when i was on my 1 week holiday..the butter fly farm are at somewhere near gunung emas and half way to tambunan. the road are wayyyyyy nicer then kk road.
You can find more detail here at Massy's blog.....she the 1 that make me wanna go there and see
see..somemore cold cold syok. is the picture..more at

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm back!

Finaly back from long holiday, though my brain n body are still in lazy mode..but going to wake them up after i finish this more long holiday till may i think.

i manage to snap lot of pic during my holiday, got bird, i even go to butterfly park after i read massy 's blog. Anyway, yesterday was the "open house" for KYC..they invited 1 dragon , 2 "chi ling" and 5 lions...lot of ppl...there was some teenager who go infront of me and blocked my rude..but since it still point i change place..and manage to get this lion! they were from yik nam class performer.