Monday, January 5, 2009

Night shot

Some night shot here, still got no external flash at this moment.
i try set up the iso to 800 and 1600, using my 18-75 lens. I was not expect it to be good, but it really lot better then i expected. at iso 1600, i can take good picture with low noise. although sometime the camera focus dunno wat, make the picture to turn out to be super bright! and then super dim..-.-... i guess this is why they say SONY dslr not so good in low light condition. But still, it done a great job for amature like me.

here are the pic i took of our gathering at grace point, note that the light there are bright and yellow. setting 1600 ISO, A= auto, shutter speed= auto. programe Mode.

The last pic not really consider as night lah..but around 6.30 pm. cloudy condition.

oh, and btw, i learn to shot in RAW mode..hahaha..

and the 2nd pic, no, i dun have a fish eye lens ..i just testing out the new programe. ehehehehe


  1. CARzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    last pic the nicest. prolly it's the car XD

  2. Makin gila kau ambik gambar ni....I wish I had ddd essss elllll arrrrrr tooo >_<

  3. buli bah kalau kau..kurang kan moginum ada dslr tu..hahaha..