Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Achievement For 2009!!

Yay...i finally an official kinabalu Yatch Club member, after about 14 years of being call "Member Children" i finally have a membership by my self. Now i no need to use my dad membership. HAHAHAHA...
<--- check out the site if you don't know what and where is KYC. short explanation, it is a private club base on water sport( but mostly ppl go there for the bar and sunset bar) it like a small comunity there, just like sutera or golf club, A person need to apply for the membership and pay the entrance fee. ofcourse, not every1 can go in, but if u own a boat, the chances are higher. for those lazy to click the site..this is how kyc look like. taken from their site

And thing got even better, last sat and sun was my 1st Windsurfing session after 1 whole year of no windsurf, due to broken sail :(..but now i can enjoy it again, but poor Rach, have to reput and wait me at the beach..end up she catch some cold..hahaha...i'll explain why this windsurf is so special on my next update...and some picture from my DSLR too..


  1. thank mas mas..nanti kita pigi minum sana..hahaha
    ps..banyak bird and bug sana..haha

  2. wat to do...hv to reput onshore and was forced to take their pictures of them surfing *roll eyes*

  3. good mah..let u have time to relax..XD