Friday, January 2, 2009

Hobie Cat!!

On new year day, was suppose to go windsurfing but somehow the wind was too light to surf, so albert rig up his catamaran and we go for a short ride. for so many year of sailing, this is my 1st time try out this kind of catamaran, and it is damn stable i tell u, better then i thought, more stable then those racing boat i use. hmmm...

anyway, rach took some pic of us and because the sun shine directly from front, the pic somemore become silhouette, but then i found a way to fix that problem , but of course not so perfect oledi the picture. That is why i put some effect to cover the defect part..hehe. here the pic. C&C are welcome


  1. my skill is taking lousy pics at the moment. lemme leech some techniques of the settings first. :)
    the nice ones were those on the shore, when u guys were still rigging it. u din put up :(

  2. cos kenot see my pretty face..XD