Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Gonna update my blog before i go on a very long holiday..tomolo till next = 9 days!!! a long long entry this time. before that..GONG XI FA CHAI! Happy Chinese New Year 2009 to all and may all wish come true!!!

ok..continue with the windsurf update 1st ..remember i said how important this 3 month for us(windsurfer), because every year from jan to march...the wind will change direction and the blowing strengh will up from normal 5-7 knots to 15-20 knots. and the wind is cold, that y u feel cold nowadays cos the wind blowing from Mount Kinabalu direction. so all the icy cold air will be blowing toward kk town. So while we went surfing, Rach is the 1 have to take all the picture, i kenot take cos i playing also..HAHAHAHA...

But it is damn hard to take picture when the sun is around 3pm bright and the sea reflection + all the windsurfer all far far, i dint try to take some pic before i go out and try the setting that suit most for the condition , i still dun have polarised filter, i dunno if that can imporove the picture quality..

The pic..taken by me..All 3 pic are taken using SAL75-300mm.

Now pic taken by rach of me!!! haha..tidak tau malu lah...

And last picture before long long long holiday...Please enjoy this sunset taken at tg aru sabah. with some HDR effect. Thank you all and GONG XI FA CHAI!


  1. gong xi fa cai..ang pow leh?

  2. nice silhouette pics. the sun rays piercing through the clouds is especially dramatic.