Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DIY Light Box

Here is my DIY light box, i found this idea on many forum and internet, so i decided to give it a try since my office have some unwanted box and the size are just perfect for my little project.

this light box was very easy to make, just take a nice box, and some white paper which you can buy at any book store. cut few hole on the box then stick the white paper inside the box. then u will have something like this.

You are suppose to put the light out side the box, behind the white paper. Too bad i dun have very powerfull light, only have those emergency light, which are really not enough. and my built in flash only.
the outcome is like below. No pp to this picture, u can see abit underexpose here(ok..alot under expose), but that can be settle by bumping up the ISO and some powerfull light source. But the main purpose is archived, as u can see very little shadow on the camera, This is my "Product shot" hahahaha


  1. hmm yeah ada sikit gelap..but still a nice shot

  2. thank mas mas..u shud also make 1 to take ur miniature..so u got more reason to buy..hahaha