Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baby Portrait

Last week end i given a chance to take my friend's 10 month old baby, i have never take baby portrait except for my nephew, but that different story because my nephew like to look at the camera( tak tau malu)..hahaha.

our location was at beach hotel tg aru, time was around 5pm we start shooting. i bring along both my lens. lucky the weather was ok. lot of shade and nice background. here are some of the picture.

This is the boy..his name is hudson.

(up)i try some effect and combine the picture together. give it abit portait feel :)
(down) love this combination also, show the relation between the mother and the child

(up)this is basicaly wat i shoot. too many to uplaod, so i show u guy this to get an idea on the outcome.

(down)And this is the last picture, i love this picture alot. the light and the grass was perfect, and the lighting on the center of the baby was a bonus for me.

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