Monday, January 12, 2009

Autoshow Model..

Just finish my 3days(last fri-sun) at likas autoshow bonanza, supporting my club and fortunately, we won 2nd place. And also some roasted skin for all the member..hahaha
my 1st time cover fo event, i kinda the official photog to my car club(VSSM)....and i definately learn alot stuff expecialy shooting at event where u just have to ready for every moment. are some sexy , pretty model for ya all..

Damn, i really need a UV or even better for CPL filter...taking event like this under bright sunny day all turn out not so good. And flash gun is damn important, if 1 year ago u ask me take picture at bright sunny day with flash i'll say u crazy, now i know flash is a very very important light source no matter wat time or how bright/dark the situation is.

for this event, i just use my 18-70 kitlens..wanted to use my tele lens..but too small space..wan some model with nice bokeh also kenot..T.T..hahah...C&C are welcome.


  1. OMG!!! one of the model is actually my friend from the same school...!