Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Gonna update my blog before i go on a very long holiday..tomolo till next = 9 days!!! a long long entry this time. before that..GONG XI FA CHAI! Happy Chinese New Year 2009 to all and may all wish come true!!!

ok..continue with the windsurf update 1st ..remember i said how important this 3 month for us(windsurfer), because every year from jan to march...the wind will change direction and the blowing strengh will up from normal 5-7 knots to 15-20 knots. and the wind is cold, that y u feel cold nowadays cos the wind blowing from Mount Kinabalu direction. so all the icy cold air will be blowing toward kk town. So while we went surfing, Rach is the 1 have to take all the picture, i kenot take cos i playing also..HAHAHAHA...

But it is damn hard to take picture when the sun is around 3pm bright and the sea reflection + all the windsurfer all far far, i dint try to take some pic before i go out and try the setting that suit most for the condition , i still dun have polarised filter, i dunno if that can imporove the picture quality..

The pic..taken by me..All 3 pic are taken using SAL75-300mm.

Now pic taken by rach of me!!! haha..tidak tau malu lah...

And last picture before long long long holiday...Please enjoy this sunset taken at tg aru sabah. with some HDR effect. Thank you all and GONG XI FA CHAI!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DIY Light Box

Here is my DIY light box, i found this idea on many forum and internet, so i decided to give it a try since my office have some unwanted box and the size are just perfect for my little project.

this light box was very easy to make, just take a nice box, and some white paper which you can buy at any book store. cut few hole on the box then stick the white paper inside the box. then u will have something like this.

You are suppose to put the light out side the box, behind the white paper. Too bad i dun have very powerfull light, only have those emergency light, which are really not enough. and my built in flash only.
the outcome is like below. No pp to this picture, u can see abit underexpose here(ok..alot under expose), but that can be settle by bumping up the ISO and some powerfull light source. But the main purpose is archived, as u can see very little shadow on the camera, This is my "Product shot" hahahaha

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Achievement For 2009!!

Yay...i finally an official kinabalu Yatch Club member, after about 14 years of being call "Member Children" i finally have a membership by my self. Now i no need to use my dad membership. HAHAHAHA...
<--- check out the site if you don't know what and where is KYC. short explanation, it is a private club base on water sport( but mostly ppl go there for the bar and sunset bar) it like a small comunity there, just like sutera or golf club, A person need to apply for the membership and pay the entrance fee. ofcourse, not every1 can go in, but if u own a boat, the chances are higher. for those lazy to click the site..this is how kyc look like. taken from their site

And thing got even better, last sat and sun was my 1st Windsurfing session after 1 whole year of no windsurf, due to broken sail :(..but now i can enjoy it again, but poor Rach, have to reput and wait me at the beach..end up she catch some cold..hahaha...i'll explain why this windsurf is so special on my next update...and some picture from my DSLR too..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Autoshow Model..

Just finish my 3days(last fri-sun) at likas autoshow bonanza, supporting my club and fortunately, we won 2nd place. And also some roasted skin for all the member..hahaha
my 1st time cover fo event, i kinda the official photog to my car club(VSSM)....and i definately learn alot stuff expecialy shooting at event where u just have to ready for every moment. are some sexy , pretty model for ya all..

Damn, i really need a UV or even better for CPL filter...taking event like this under bright sunny day all turn out not so good. And flash gun is damn important, if 1 year ago u ask me take picture at bright sunny day with flash i'll say u crazy, now i know flash is a very very important light source no matter wat time or how bright/dark the situation is.

for this event, i just use my 18-70 kitlens..wanted to use my tele lens..but too small space..wan some model with nice bokeh also kenot..T.T..hahah...C&C are welcome.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Water Proof Digicam(olympus)

Part 2 of my sailing with the HOBIE , this time my friend albert bring his digital camera, OLYMPUS wat model i not so sure, but damn good this camera. very clear and nice picture from the camera. if anyone of you wanna buy a waterproof camera,You shud consider this model( i not sure if there is other water proof camera out there..haha)
Here the pic. some edited, but u still can see the picture quality is not bad for a digital camera.
this can consider as a review from me.. wat u waiting for, go grab it now!

* Note: all picture are taken by my friend.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Night shot

Some night shot here, still got no external flash at this moment.
i try set up the iso to 800 and 1600, using my 18-75 lens. I was not expect it to be good, but it really lot better then i expected. at iso 1600, i can take good picture with low noise. although sometime the camera focus dunno wat, make the picture to turn out to be super bright! and then super dim..-.-... i guess this is why they say SONY dslr not so good in low light condition. But still, it done a great job for amature like me.

here are the pic i took of our gathering at grace point, note that the light there are bright and yellow. setting 1600 ISO, A= auto, shutter speed= auto. programe Mode.

The last pic not really consider as night lah..but around 6.30 pm. cloudy condition.

oh, and btw, i learn to shot in RAW mode..hahaha..

and the 2nd pic, no, i dun have a fish eye lens ..i just testing out the new programe. ehehehehe

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hobie Cat!!

On new year day, was suppose to go windsurfing but somehow the wind was too light to surf, so albert rig up his catamaran and we go for a short ride. for so many year of sailing, this is my 1st time try out this kind of catamaran, and it is damn stable i tell u, better then i thought, more stable then those racing boat i use. hmmm...

anyway, rach took some pic of us and because the sun shine directly from front, the pic somemore become silhouette, but then i found a way to fix that problem , but of course not so perfect oledi the picture. That is why i put some effect to cover the defect part..hehe. here the pic. C&C are welcome

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Baby Portrait

Last week end i given a chance to take my friend's 10 month old baby, i have never take baby portrait except for my nephew, but that different story because my nephew like to look at the camera( tak tau malu)..hahaha.

our location was at beach hotel tg aru, time was around 5pm we start shooting. i bring along both my lens. lucky the weather was ok. lot of shade and nice background. here are some of the picture.

This is the boy..his name is hudson.

(up)i try some effect and combine the picture together. give it abit portait feel :)
(down) love this combination also, show the relation between the mother and the child

(up)this is basicaly wat i shoot. too many to uplaod, so i show u guy this to get an idea on the outcome.

(down)And this is the last picture, i love this picture alot. the light and the grass was perfect, and the lighting on the center of the baby was a bonus for me.