Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Xmas party and Wine Tasting...

Went to kyc last week , got the children x'mas party and wine tasting..but the real motif is go there to wait for the "moonson wind" or as we windsurfer call it" North east" ,yea u can guess ,it named after the direction it blow from.but too bad nowind at all.

but i dint bought my self a White wine..i Not a wine guy, i never like wine and i more to those wisky. but this white wine taste so good that i have to get one for my self. so my wine + 1.

it a 2006 white wine , and only cost me Rm 50. promotion price( i have no idea wat the original price is, but i guess not much different)

setting light on the right and white cloth on the left to reflect my white light. abit under expose but i got no more light source to play with..hahahaha


  1. err masih ada wine left ka, mari minum XD

  2. belum buka pun tu wine..haha..colection bah.