Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A portrait and a Moon

Update my blog with somemore picture.

1st pic is rachael at Tanjung aru beach. The setting is sun infront of her( that y she do the salute kinda pose..hehe) with tele lens to create great bokeh!

And This is When i edited abit to become BW pic. personaly i like the BW version. It got more "feel" then the coloured version. wat say you?

The last pic for today will be the moon!! i zoom till 300mm! and this is wat i got!
have to set ISO setting to low, because the moon gave so much light. as my 1st few picture was too bright, like someone shine torch light toward me.haha


  1. VaM, what are you trying to imply here?

    that Rac's face looks like the moon?


    Just kidding!

    see u guys soon during CNY!


  2. hahahah pen pen!
    omg, lucky it's not round as the moon..

  3. nice pic of the it lots.

  4. lol..pen pen..u say liao baru i perasan..hahahahahahahahaha

    angel bear : thank you :)

  5. uish.. u got telephoto lens! BABI U!!

  6. kit len saja tu...u got flash + 50mm!!